About Our Company

At ROAKETIN Inc. we provide consulting services for all things healthcare. With decades of combined experience as both providers and researchers, we bring a unique set of skills that can only be developed by walking the path and experiencing the failures and successes along the way. The entire interdisciplinary team, unique to ROAKETIN Inc., is leveraged for every client ensuring the highest quality of services for all our clients. We specialize in providing clinical performance monitoring and sub-optimal patient care segment identification for hospitals, physician groups, and insurance carriers as well as services for investors such as clinical viability and early trial evaluation of new startups and emerging technologies. We are also very proud to offer personalized health risk assessment using our proprietary health risk assessment technology developed entirely in-house. If you have a question or challenge that no one else can solve, we would love to hear from you.

Let ROAKETIN Inc. give you the confidence to make your next healthful decision!