Investor Services

In the modern era of buzzwords and viral marketing there is no shortage of experts willing to cut through the facade to give their opinion on the financials, growth-potential, and market projections of the latest healthcare innovation. Nonetheless, and almost without fail, the forward looking statements laid out in their reports about the latest drug or newest innovation rely on the success of a clinical trial or the viability and adoption of a new technology. Equally often these statements are accompanied by the ubiquitous understanding that there is no way to forecast whether or not a trial will be successful, or if a new technology has the foundation to be the next multi-billion dollar industry disruptor.

How ROAKETIN Inc. is different

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At ROAKETIN Inc. we are not economists or finance experts, but we are biostatisticians, biochemists, geneticists, pharmaceutical scientists and clinicians who can provide those seemingly impossible forecasts. We have decades of experience developing the newest healthcare innovations and know what it takes to be successful. In fact, we continue that work to this day developing clinical trial protocols and new smart enabled healthcare technologies, see our Research Services to find out more.

Trust our previous success

Examples of successful past investor projects we have worked on include evaluation of

  • in-office medication dispensing models assessing liability and risk
  • the opportunity for outcomes improvement using smart-enabled therapeutics
  • probability of clinical trials to achieve primary or secondary outcomes
  • regulatory compliance by companies seeking others’ investment capital
  • realistic market share and penetration estimates following NDA approval

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