IR & NAFL Consult


Prepared for patients and caregivers seeking to understand how non-alcoholic fatty liver and insulin resistance occur, and what factors are involved in their particular case, other than caloric intake. Most important, we enable understanding of the role of genetic inheritance, sleep pattern, and even geographic location, as means to access nutrient-rich foods. This assessment enables patients to take control of their body’s response to insulin, thus preventing the physiology progression towards type 2 diabetes, liver steatosis, or both. The information provided is evaluated against the latest scientific evidence to generate an accurate disease progression mitigation plan. An up to 1000 words consulting report will be shared with the patient and/or caregiver within 3-5 business days after complete documentation and payment have been received. The findings and recommendations will be discussed in a one-hour video counseling session. A follow-up Q&A session is included for up to three months following the consult request.

Please scroll down to upload the contact information and all clinical documentation for review. The individual file size is limited to 2 Mb, but multiple files may be submitted. We will be in touch if additional information is needed. 

BOGO special: for a limited time, all returning customers are eligible to receive a free consultation package of equal or lesser value for themselves or someone else. A one-time use 100% OFF code will be issued to the client with the consulting report.


  • Provide a complete interpretation of all the liver-related lab results, including liver function tests, cholesterol panel, HOMA index etc
  • Evaluate ongoing treatment for drug-induced hyperlipidemia
  • Review fatty liver-related medical notes and all relevant signs and symptoms
  • Evaluate vitamin and mineral needs based on age, comorbidity, and treatments
  • Assess the current diet needs and the vitamins and minerals requirements
  • Identify proactive solutions to mitigate health issues caused by a lack of vitamins or minerals
  • Identify proactive solutions to mitigate subsequent comorbidity occurrence
  • Assess the non-alcoholic fatty liver score and other disease-specific metrics
  • Recommend lifestyle modification and treatment to avoid progression
  • Recommend follow-up clinical labs to monitor existing health conditions
  • One-hour counseling session 


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