Liver Panel Review


Prepared for patients and caregivers that require close monitoring of the liver function and/or the side effects of therapy that is liver metabolized. Some patients manifest genetic traits that make them either poor or fast metabolizers, either of which may negatively interfere with the effectiveness of lifesaving drug therapy. We evaluate the laboratory information provided and the latest scientific evidence to make dose and/or schedule recommendations that would minimize side effects and ensure treatment effectiveness. For patients with a family history of diabetes or cirrhosis, an assessment of the non-alcoholic fatty liver score and the recommended diet changes is included in this consultation. A brief report will be shared with the patient and/or caregiver within 3-5 business days after complete documentation and payment have been received. While a video counseling session is not available for this package, one Q&A session is included for up to three months following the initial consult request.

Please scroll down to upload the contact information and all clinical documentation for review. The individual file size is limited to 2 Mb, but multiple files may be submitted. We will be in touch if additional information is needed. 

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  • Provide a complete interpretation of the clinical lab results in relationship to the state of health and treatment information provided
  • Assess the appropriateness of treatment dose and schedule selection based on reviewed liver function
  • Assessment of the non-alcoholic fatty liver score
  • Recommend proactive solutions to mitigate the side effects occurrence
  • Assess patient- and disease-specific monitoring metrics to establish disease control
  • Recommend follow-up clinical labs to monitor existing health conditions


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