Platinum Consult Package


Extended to patients and caregivers interested in receiving either a comprehensive professional opinion or a second opinion on their current health. The detailed services provided under this consultation package are listed below. Our professional assessment integrates all the available patient information, drug manufacturing data, the latest scientific evidence, and the most updated clinical guidelines for disease treatment and monitoring. An up to 2000 words expedited consulting report will be shared with the patient and/or caregiver once complete documentation and payment have been received. The findings and recommendations will be discussed in a one-hour video counseling session. An unlimited number of Q&A follow-ups is included for up to three months following the consult request.

Please scroll down to upload the contact information and all clinical documentation for review. The individual file size is limited to 2 Mb, but multiple files may be submitted. Front and back pill photos and drug manufacturer lot numbers are needed for the assessment of filler and die incompatibilities, intolerances, and allergies. We will be in touch if additional information is needed. 

50% OFF regular package cost for first-time clients – use code WELCOME! during checkout. BOGO special: for a limited time, all returning customers are eligible to receive a free consultation package of equal or lesser value for themselves or someone else. A one-time use 100% OFF code will be issued to the client with the consulting report.


  • Evaluate treatment effectiveness based on medical notes, signs and symptoms, lab results, and other clinical findings
  • Assess the current diet needs and the vitamin and mineral requirements based on age, comorbidity, and treatments
  • Evaluate unintended therapy duplications and medication incompatibilities
  • Assess the appropriateness of treatment selection per current guidelines
  • Evaluate the risk of undiagnosed health problems
  • Identify proactive solutions to mitigate the occurrence of health issues
  • Evaluate all drug-drug and drug-disease interactions
  • Identify strategies to prevent any medication-related side effects or intolerances
  • Evaluate inactive ingredients intolerances and/or incompatibilities
  • Identify missing or due immunizations according to CDC guidelines
  • Provide a complete interpretation of the clinical lab results in relationship to the existing health conditions
  • Assess disease-specific monitoring metrics to establish disease control
  • Recommend follow-up clinical labs to monitor existing health conditions
  • Generate a comprehensive medication administration plan to meet lifestyle needs and avoid drug interactions, incompatibilities, and absorption concerns
  • Recommend treatment modifications that reflect any organ function changes
  • Provide an expedited complete report of the above findings
  • One-hour counseling session and unlimited email Q & A for three months following the consult request


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